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Which models are currently in Production?

The WX-500 and WX-1000 series.

Due to the lack of demand,  age, and support for the WX-7, WX-8, WX-9, WX-900, WX-10, WX-11, and WX-12 series  Stormscopes, we no longer support them.  

How do you test the WX-10 and WX-11Stormscope series?

To test the WX-10 and WX-11 series Stormscope system set the range switch on 200 nm. Allow 30 seconds for a warm-up then push the TST button holding it in until you see a small cluster of dots appearing approximately at the 45 degrees and a 100-mile range. To clear the dots push the CLR button. 

What is the difference between cell and strike mode available with the WX-500 and 950?

In cell mode, Stormscopes detect lightning up to 200 nautical miles out and display storm cell areas of greatest intensity. During periods of heavy electrical activity, cell mode can be used to identify a path that avoids thunderstorms. In strike mode, the Stormscope detects and maps individual strikes aiding the identification of the beginnings of storms.

Does a Stormscope require periodic maintenance?

An annual checkout of the Stormscope system especially just before the thunderstorm season should be performed by a qualified avionics shop with the factory-recommended test equipment.

What do my error codes mean?

The following error codes are most likely caused by aircraft electrical interference and will go away once the interference is removed. Contact us for codes not listed.
WX-1000   codes 44&45
WX-900   codes 5&6
WX-950   codes 17&18
WX-500   codes 17&18

Can a Stormscope antenna be repainted?

Do not repaint any of the Stormscope antennas, they have been coated with a special conductive paint to inhibit the build-up of precipitation-static. The antenna is a critical part of the Stormscope system and repainting it could adversely affect the operation of your system. Use only factory-supplied antenna gaskets, they are made of a conductive material. Any antenna that has been repainted is un-airworthy and should be scrapped.

Can a Stormscope be overhauled?

There is no approval process to overhaul or remanufacture Stormscopes, electronic parts do not undergo overhaul or remanufacture ... they either work or they don't. An FAA form 8130-3 for a used Stormscope processor or display should indicate that it has either been repaired or inspected (bench checked) and is being returned to service in serviceable condition. There is no approval process for repairing or repainting antennas... an 8130-3 for a used antenna should only indicate that it has been inspected and approved for return to service.

WX-500 FAQs

Which Stormscopes will interface with Multi-Function Displays?

The WX-500 interfaces with most radar indicators using the RGC-350 radar graphics computer plus most popular MFD's including the following:

Apollo MX-20, UPSAT MX-20, Goodrich I-linc

Archangel AE1002 or AE1004 requires software 1.1 or later

ARNAV ICDS 2000 requires software V920AE or later

ARNAV MFD 5000 Series requires software V520CG or later, also requires an auxiliary RS-232 device
Aspen Avionics Evolution Series
Avidyne FlightMax, Entegra, EX500/600, EX5000, MHD300, IFD540
Bendix King KMD540/550/850
Chelton (Cobham) Flight Systems FlightLogic Synthetic Vision EFIS
Garmin G1000, G900, GNC 420, GNS400/500 S, GPS 400, GMX-200, GTN Series, G500/600 requires software 7.0 or later

Genesys Aerosystems 3D Synthetic Vision EFIS

GRT EFIS all models

L3 Lynx NGT-9000 requires software 2.1 or higher

Moving (MAP) Terrian MFD
OP Technologies
Sandel SN 3308,  ST3400, 3500, 4500

Your MFD may require a software upgrade to interface with the WX-500.

What do the LEDs on the front of the WX-500 processor indicate?


on  normal operation

off  failed operation; it is not booting up


off  normal operation

on  failed operation; something has failed internal or external


on/off once per second  normal operation

on  failed operation; it is the test signal between the processor and antenna; if it is on the test is not running  

Is a flight manual supplement required for the WX-500?

The MFD controls the WX-500 functions. Refer to your Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement (AFMS) and the documentation supplied with the MFD for detailed operating instructions. 

WX-1000 FAQs

Why does my WX-1000 show error 3?

Your real-time clock battery is dead and the time of day and elapsed time are not available.

What do the LEDs on the front of the WX-1000 series processor indicate?

The green LED indicates system power is on.
The yellow LED indicates a failure detected by or in the processor power supply.
The red LED indicates faults detected by the system self-test. Once on this LED does not turn off until power is recycled.
If the yellow LED is illuminated both the display & processor should be bench tested together. The display could be causing excessive current draw on the power supply in the processor, and there could be a problem with the display and the processor.

What is the difference between the WX-1000 series displays?

The part numbers are 78-8051-9170-3 with black bezel (replaced by 78-8060-5900-8 or -9 in 1990), 78-8060-5900-8 black bezel, 78-8060-5900-9 gray bezel, 78-8060-5900-8 with black bezel WX-1000 / SKY497, and 78-8060-5900-9 gray bezel WX-1000 / SKY497. You can use any of these displays to display lighting data from any of the WX-1000 series processors. However, if you are going to display Skywatch traffic you can only use the 78-8060-5900-8 or 78-8060-5900-9 display with the data plate that says Skywatch SKY497 and TSO-C113.

WX-950 FAQs

Why is the display connector damaged so easily?

Unless you have the backshell connector lined up correctly you can easily damage the display connector, and it is a special connector that is very expensive to repair. If you have MOD D, it is a production change to facilitate pin engagement at the backshell connector.